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19 May 2022
More and more people are sending parcels to the USA each year, both for business and pleasure. The range of services offered by Worldwide Parcel Services for shipping to the USA means that you can easily send your parcel to the United States of America fo
19 Mar 2020
Currently, delivery services are operating as normal although there may be some localised issues due to staff shortages caused by illness.
21 Jan 2020
What food can I send to Australia?
30 Aug 2019
If you are a business and wanting to send food in parcels to the USA then there are some fairly major guidelines that you need to follow in order to comply with regulations.
27 Jun 2019
If you're importing goods to the UK, you might want to check up on VAT and Customs Duties first.
16 Jun 2019
As in all countries, parcels being delivered into Canada attract customs duties at the entry point and these have to be paid before the recipient can take possession of them
07 Jun 2019
Importing goods into the UK means that various duties becomes payable on entry into the country and this needs to be anticipated by the recipient
21 Feb 2019
A Worldwide Parcel Services Staff Members's partner and his Mother are doing a Sky Dive on
21 Feb 2019
Are you a student? Finding it expensive to ship items back home? SAVE MONEY and Compare prices with us!
01 Feb 2019
Whether you’re planning on sending a parcel to Germany or a parcel to Australia, here is our advice on how to send food parcels abroad!
05 Nov 2018
Australia has the strictest import laws in the world - make sure your parcel makes it's destination!
10 Feb 2018
Here at Worldwide Parcel Services we know that your parcels are important no matter their size. That’s why we offer a Heavy Parcel service for parcels up to 1 tonne, which you can use to send to countries all over the world. A range of large items...
15 Nov 2017
Need to send a parcel to Pakistan? We can deliver within 2-4 days - read our help and advice, and book today.
28 Sep 2017
Here at Worldwide Parcel Services we always strive to offer our customers the best service we possibly can
13 Sep 2017
Here at Worldwide Parcel Services we try and be as clear and concise as possible so that our customers know exactly what’s going on
26 Aug 2017
Trustpilot offers consumers an open review system, sharing online purchasing experiences creating a trust-ranking system for current and potential customers. We value the feedback of our customers and always strive to offer complete satisfaction in all a
23 Aug 2017
Here at Worldwide Parcel Services we are constantly looking for new ways to help people send and receive their items. That’s why we have introduced our Parcel Forwarding Service, with which we aim to eliminate some of the barriers that individuals face wh
26 Apr 2017
Sending a parcel abroad this week? Well you may be in luck, because we have some super discounts available on our top destinations for a limited time only.
29 Mar 2017
For those sending a parcel to Canada, you needn't look further than WPS this week. We have a smashing 30% off all parcels to Canada, making us cheaper than most.
08 Mar 2017
As we enter the second week of March, it's time to shift those all important parcels to make sure they're delivered before Easter! For those sending a parcel to the Middle East, now is the perfect time to send with Worldwide Parcel Services as we're.
05 Feb 2017
As deadline day approaches for sending cheap parcels to a loved one for Valentine's day, here are some tips on what you can and can’t send.
04 Feb 2017
We’re offering a sweet 30% discount on parcels being sent to India
26 Jan 2017
Although Greece may have new boundaries, we are removing our barriers from Greece by reducing our prices by 20% on all parcel deliveries!
22 Jan 2017
We have now reduced our prices by 20% to popular destinations in South America, Central Africa and Europe!
20 Jan 2017
The WPS flash sale has arrived on time! Whilst we’re all a bit tight for money at the end of January, we’re doing our best to help you cut back with a sweet 30% discount
12 Jan 2017
As we are getting ever closer to the 16th January time is running out to return those unwanted christmas gifts. It has been estimated by industry experts that 225 million pounds worth of unwanted presents will be returned this year.
08 Jan 2017
This year we wanted to do something different; instead of making the new year resolutions about ourselves, we wanted to use it as a plan to make things better for you.
04 Jan 2017
In 2015 we saw a new force awakening in the e-commerce market. With the introduction of mobile wallets, new lending platforms and even one touch buy buttons. The digital landscape is rapidly changing businesses and the way consumers are behaving.
17 Dec 2016
Only a week away from the big day and the figures suggest that in Britain we spend the most on Christmas gifts. We thought we would explore our most popular requests and parcel deliveries for this year.
14 Dec 2016
Postal delivery services are changing at a rapid rate. The decline in mail volume has now begun to plateau. . We decided to explore how the digital world is currently changing delivery services.
10 Dec 2016
With more businesses selling online, there has been an increase in the amount of parcels being sent abroad. We made this guide to help you with the documentation required for exporting a parcel with Worldwide Parcel Services.
07 Dec 2016
First and foremost we wish to send our sympathy and condolences to all of the families that have been affected by Storm Desmond. We will try to deliver our parcels to Cumbria as quickly as possible despite the flooding conditions, however customers may ex
04 Dec 2015
With a parcel drop off point you can now drop a parcel off before work, anytime during the day and even in the evening as they offer extended opening times. For those who are seeking to use a parcel drop off courier service, we created this guide to help
02 Dec 2015
After the hectic weekend that included Black Friday and was followed by Cyber Monday, record sales figures were recorded.
26 Nov 2015
We began to consider whether parcel locker banks would become a preferred delivery option in the future?
24 Nov 2015
Black Friday is getting ever closer, so we thought it would be a good idea to help our readers find the best deals. With Christmas just around the corner, it is estimated that Britons are going to spend almost 1.9 billion pounds on sales and promotions
19 Nov 2015
As we move further into winter, the British weather has once again been a force to be reckoned with. Firstly our deepest sympathies are with those who were affected by the damages caused by storm Abigail.
16 Nov 2015
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are key dates for online retailers. For those unsure about these days, here are some fact and why many are using WPS
12 Nov 2015
As one of the fastest growing economies in the Eurozone, it is easy to see why more businesses are looking send parcel to Spain. With the fifth largest economy in the European Union and a population of 47 million, it is one the biggest consumer markets fo
09 Nov 2015
Parcels to Germany are now being checked more diligently than ever with postal intercepts now higher than 43,000. Last year European customs handled over 95,000 cases of intercepted items of which 77% of cases were postal deliveries.
02 Nov 2015
China has recently decided to add a new law for its parcel deliveries. After many victims have had fatal injuries from letter bombs, it is now required for the sender to give personal identification and contact details.
30 Oct 2015
As temperatures start to fall, it can only mean one thing. It is that wonderful time of the year again. No not Christmas, we are talking about people going to the land down under. Whether it be visiting family, travelling or just to enjoy the sun.
27 Oct 2015
The team here at WPS could not be more excited to announce that we have dropped our prices on our parcel delivery services. Since we have been around for a long time now and you have all been terrific with us, we wanted to give something back.
22 Oct 2015
As Cyber Monday is nearly upon us more and more e-commerce businesses will be using courier services to deliver their parcels. It was reported by The IMG last year there was an “online tsunami” on parcel delivery services for Cyber Monday, which is great
15 Oct 2015
'Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas . . . perhaps . . .means a little bit more!' So the start of the festive season has begun and shopping for Christmas needs to be done. Okay we will stop with all of the rhymes
08 Oct 2015
Sometimes there are parcels which are just too big to send using regular postal service or are just plain awkward to deal with. These are often just annoying and inconvenient to deal with.. so you may well be left with two options. Either hire a van to de
22 Apr 2015
As we head into the summer months, we wanted to help make your booking service at Worldwide Parcel Services even faster. So, we have introduced a faster way of finding an international or UK address, with real-time address searching.
25 Mar 2015
As we head into the spring, we here at Worldwide Parcel Services are able to offer you a new convenient drop-off service – whether you are sending to Europe or anywhere outside of the UK.
10 Mar 2015
It's that time of the year again, where only one special women is present in our life for one day only!
06 Feb 2015
Worldwide Parcel Services are on a mission to help you deliver the loving parcel your loved one or secret Valentine deserves.
14 Jan 2015
In 2014, we sent a lot of parcels down under! See some of the most fun and interesting facts with our latest infographic!
05 Dec 2014
It’s not only a new website that we have to offer our customers this winter. We have now introduced a whole new service to enable customers the ability to drop-off their parcel at selected access points around the UK.
02 Dec 2014
With our new fully mobile ready website up and running, we have revamped a host of features at Worldwide Parcel Services, as well as offer new features. When looking for specific parcel services at our new website, we have a range of new International Ser
02 Dec 2014
December is now upon us and the Christmas rush is set to start. Parcels will be sent all over the world, to all corners of the globe. So with this being the case, you’ll want a cheap parcel delivery service that can offer accurate delivery this Christmas
13 Nov 2014
We would like to welcome you to your brand new home of cheap parcel delivery. Our new website is now live and ready for you to order your parcel delivery to one of our 200+ worldwide destinations, using the trusted courier partners we have worked with for
03 Oct 2014
Now that the summer is over, we can also firmly look forward to that time of the year - winter. Some love it, some loath it, but one thing is for sure, parcel delivery becomes much more active as we head through the months and towards probably the biggest
18 Sep 2014
One of the more recent entries to the EU, Romania, is situated in the east of Europe as one of the largest land masses in the continent. As a member of the EU, the country follows all of their regulatory laws and restrictions.
05 Sep 2014
As expected, the summer of 2014 has been a busy one for everyone at Worldwide Parcel Services. Over the course of the summer, all corners of the globe have been covered by our trusted courier services.
27 Aug 2014
Then make sure you choose WPS, it's the cheap parcel delivery service for sending to Asia, Australia and the America's.
14 Aug 2014
As a company, we look to offer a range of discounts and benefits. When we do so, we look to target the people who stick by Worldwide Parcel Services with regular use of our cheap parcel delivery service
12 Aug 2014
This summer at Worldwide Parcel Services we have great offers for all parcels you wish to send. All you have to do is book before the 31st August 2014 and use our promo codes to start saving.
31 Jul 2014
Worldwide Parcel Services are fully in the summer spirit and now have an extended offer for its customers. The aim is to help customers choosing us as a delivery service to make great savings when sending a cheap parcel to France, Spain, USA or any countr
30 Jul 2014
If you are business owner shipping parcels, you would like to think the process is simple. As simple as packing the parcel, phoning the parcel courier to book collection, the parcel courier collecting the goods at the arranged time and the parcel safely b
28 Jul 2014
Here at Worldwide Parcel Services, we send parcels to hundreds of destinations. These destinations are scattered across the globe and we send to some pretty far-out and wide stops.
07 Jul 2014
It's special offer time at Worldwide Parcel Services! We are currently offering customers 10% off any parcel to any worldwide destination, booked before midnight on 9th July.
19 Jun 2014
Popular destination Poland borders Germany in central Europe and is a cultural centre of the world. The country can trace its roots back over 1,000 years with a widespread history during successful and turbulent times.
02 Jun 2014
With Fathers Day just around the corner, landing on Sunday June 15th, in just a couple of week’s time, it’s time to get your parcel sending brains switches on!
13 May 2014
Real time parcel tracking services are provided as standard with all of our parcel deliveries - it's a vital addition to our service for a number of reasons.
13 May 2014
Some key tips and advice for ensuring your parcel is ready for delivery - clear writing of an address and more.
19 Mar 2014
You may think that sending heavy parcels could be a tricky problem
12 Mar 2014
Spring is near and summer is just around the corner, with the poor weather and tough delivery conditions a thing of the past. Customers looking to send with us through this time can now sink their teeth into a juicy new promo code which is available...
14 Feb 2014
We here at Worldwide Parcel Services are excited to offer you a new delivery service of high reputation. Available as of now online is the Interlink Express European Road service – one of the leading parcel delivery services around...
23 Jan 2014
Mass immigration to Australia from the UK took place in the mid 1900’s meaning a good amount of Australians have their roots family and friends right here in the UK. And Worldwide Parcel Services shipping companies understand that many UK residents ...
17 Oct 2013
Beat the Christmas rush and save money until end of November with our latest discount code.
31 Jul 2013
The balance between too much and too little packaging is often a difficult decision.
08 Jul 2013
Generally considered the powerhouse of Europe, parcels to Germany are one of our most popular services.
11 Jun 2013
Are you wasting hours booking your couriers over the phone? Book online with us today.
06 Jun 2013
The cost of parcel delivery can quickly add up with, especially with multiple shipments - So what's the best ways to reduce your bill?
29 May 2013
Many couriers are now offering the option of having a parcel delivered to a safe place in the event of you not being home to sign for the delivery.
20 May 2013
In the UK, Saturday deliveries are commonplace - yet in the USA, cost cutting could see Saturday deliveries stopped for good.
13 May 2013
Even in the developed world, some addresses are simply impossible to deliver to - so how do we fix it?
08 May 2013
Couriers to trial allowing customers to select an hour of day for delivery at extra cost.
17 Apr 2013
From simple parcel tracking to ensuring a parcel clears customs, there's much that can be improved on a worldwide scale by embracing newer technologies.
10 Apr 2013
Finding the correct packaging for goods is one of the most challenging aspects of parcel delivery - BoxGarment is a new system designed to make delivery of clothing easier.
27 Mar 2013
Online sales of Easter chocolates and their delivery are set to soar this coming weekend.
06 Mar 2013
Local parcel deliveries set for shake up with new parcel outlets.
25 Feb 2013
Book your parcel in plenty of time for Mothers Day this year!
21 Feb 2013
Most countries these days have strict customs laws on what can and can't be imported - check your goods before sending.
13 Feb 2013
24 hour parcel lockers being discussed as delivery points in shopping centres and other busy areas.
29 Jan 2013
Help us help you by getting your parcel delivery organised and ready for collection.
21 Jan 2013
Despite the country suffering a weekend of heavy snow, our deliveries are still as quick as ever!
11 Jan 2013
Did you know, we also ship parcels from abroad, into the UK? From just £26.69 this service is becoming increasingly popular.
26 Oct 2012
Until midnight, 31st October, we're offering 5% off all bookings!
09 Oct 2012
The major couriers have made big strides in recent years towards being carbon neutral and bringing an improved reputation to the parcel sector.
24 Sep 2012
The 2012 London Olympics brought an influx of goods and deliveries into London, with parcel deliveries soaring.
25 Jul 2012
With the Olympics starting this weekend, we're celebrating with a 10% discount for all our customers.
23 Jul 2012
Parcels over 30kg in weight can cause problems, requiring extra measures to lift safely, resulting in some couriers not accepting your heavy parcel! WPS accept parcels up to a massive 500kg in weight!
06 Jul 2012
Are new Post Office prices costing your business too much money? We have an alternative.
15 Jun 2012
When it comes to sending parcels, other than standing in a long queue at the Post Office, there can be little more annoying than losing a parcel in transit.
20 Jan 2012
Bookings can be placed as normal, but due to a telephone line problem affecting our area, we are currently unable to deal with queries.
22 Nov 2011
We deliver parcels to Finland at extremely competitive prices with 1-2 day delivery times!
21 Nov 2011
Christmas is a lifetime away, we do not have to worry yet. How often has that phrase been said and a few weeks later it has been too late to send the goods in time for Christmas?
18 Nov 2011
Depending on what you're sending, or where it's going, you might need to fill out paperwork accordingly. Doing this correctly saves time with delivery, and ensures your parcel arrives on time.
17 Nov 2011
We've updated our prices for delivery internationally - for long distance parcels especially, you're sure to get an even better deal than before.
14 Nov 2011
The busiest time of the year for the parcel industry is at Christmas, no other time of year comes close; so get your parcels sorted early and avoid the rush.
09 Nov 2011
Christmas is the most important time of the year for parcels to arrive not only on time, but in great condition too, so get your deliveries right to avoid an upset.
26 Oct 2011
Cheap South African Parcel Delivery - we can provide courier services at a fraction of the price.
24 Oct 2011
Online parcel delivery and our services can make your life easier, costing you less money and spending less time booking deliveries.
21 Oct 2011
With two day delivery available, our parcels to Canada are both cheap and fast. Read more and book with us today.
17 Oct 2011
Shipping parcels to India is now even better value, with 2-4 day delivery and parcel tracking as standard.
12 Oct 2011
The auction site is due to allow payment for multiple items in a single process, making checkout easier.
10 Oct 2011
Did you know we offer parcel importing too? If you need to send a parcel to the UK from abroad, we can help.
05 Oct 2011
If the parcel is heavy enough, you may need to comply with team handling regulations to safely move it.
29 Sep 2011
If you ship parcels on a daily or weekly basis then you need to be using parcel tracking. You might not think that you need it but trust us, you do.
26 Sep 2011
A good parcel delivery relies on two things: A quality courier, and a quality level of packaging from yourself.
22 Sep 2011
Get your parcel ready for collection with our quick and easy parcel packaging checklist.
21 Sep 2011
Is your parcel ready and good to go? Use our checklist to make sure your collection is as smooth as possible!
19 Sep 2011
Parcel delivery to Spain is very reasonable to ship and much in line with standard EU practice, but it is essential that items are double checked prior to delivery
16 Sep 2011
The major item that comes with shipping parcels is making sure that the correct paperwork is in order before you ship and that the goods conform to the rules and regulations of the country concerned.
15 Sep 2011
Most of the time you need not worry about your parcel's weight, but if the item is too heavy to be safely handled by one person, it may need to fulfil some additional regulations.
12 Sep 2011
Sending a parcel to Indonesia? Read our advice and information first.
19 Aug 2011
Send a parcel to Brazil for under fifty pounds, with delivery in just three days!
17 Aug 2011
Need to send a parcel to Indonesia? Read our further help and country-specific advice first, from customs duties to expected delivery time.
15 Aug 2011
Over the years, quality of service has improved while the cost of delivery continues to fall.
11 Aug 2011
Looking to send a parcel to Pakistan? Read our helpful advice and information on what's required and customs duties first.
10 Aug 2011
Check what you can and can't send in your parcel delivery, some countries have their own restrictions.
09 Aug 2011
Need to send a parcel to Chile? Read our information and advice first!
04 Aug 2011
Private parcel industries in most countries seemed to start as a monopoly and have progressed to the multi competitive business it is today. The US is a prime example.
03 Aug 2011
The tracking of parcels has become a major tool in the delivery of parcels throughout the world and is now a great help to both the user and the courier.
01 Aug 2011
Read our helpful advice and information for booking a parcel to China.
28 Jul 2011
Need a parcel delivery to Japan? We can help - read our advice first.
25 Jul 2011
Looking to import a parcel to the UK from Europe? Read our advice first, covering potential costs depending on the value and specifics of the goods being imported.
22 Jul 2011
When it comes to tricky countries to send parcels to, then Saudi Arabia is towards the top of the list. Read our advice for sending a parcel to Saudi Arabia.
20 Jul 2011
Pack your parcel carefully and securely to ensure your delivery remains safe for the whole journey.
18 Jul 2011
As with parcel delivery to any country, South Africa has its own specific import laws that you must abide to. Read our guide on sending parcels to South Africa today.
15 Jul 2011
For even the heaviest of parcels, we can provide parcel delivery internationally.
11 Jul 2011
Always find out whether what you're sending is allowed or not - check the country's import rules first!
08 Jul 2011
Every country has their own specific import and export laws, and the US is no exception.
28 Jun 2011
Sending a parcel to India? Read our advice first and ensure your parcel reaches its destination.
23 Jun 2011
Some items can't be delivered due to laws of the country you're sending to - if in doubt, ask!
15 Jun 2011
When it comes to importing parcels from abroad many people are blissfully unaware that there is a problem until their goods fail to arrive.
13 Jun 2011
When packing a parcel always think of how you would feel if you received it. Would you be happy with the way it arrived packaged?
09 Jun 2011
The parcel market of Australia has a dangerous parcels policy like almost everybody else in the World but they do have some differences as well.
06 Jun 2011
You can now use our Quick Quote system to easily import parcels to the UK.
26 May 2011
If you need a parcel delivered urgently, our next day service is more than ideal.
25 May 2011
UK flights are resuming as the volcanic ash threat declines. Book your parcel today.
23 May 2011
Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano looks likely to provide delays for air travel over the coming few days.
19 May 2011
How the charity have saved lives and reduced suffering by the simple introduction of a parcel service.
18 May 2011
One of the bugbears of all parcel deliveries is making sure you do not get problems with the parcel in the process of delivery.
16 May 2011
Organise your parcel packing and save yourself time, money and stress.
11 May 2011
A quick overview of the effects on a parcel delivery company over the summer of next year in the UK.
09 May 2011
Following the success of the Royal Wedding, the Golden Jubilee next year can be expected to be a success for both the souvenir and parcel markets.
05 May 2011
Our online parcel tracking system couldn't be easier.
04 May 2011
Do your bit to make sure your parcel arrives safely; some simple tips for ensuring your parcel is delivered safe and sound.
28 Apr 2011
With the second bank holiday this weekend, parcel collections resume on Tuesday 3rd May
27 Apr 2011
These days the best parcel delivery services are those that have built a fully International network, but years ago it was quite a different story.
26 Apr 2011
The extra checks and expenses through customs can be a nightmare for the parcel company and the sender too.
21 Apr 2011
Reasons to make sure you use the correct packaging in order to reduce costs and extra risks.
14 Apr 2011
Most parcel couriers can ship the majority of your parcels, be it nationwide or Internationally, however there are a few exceptions to this, which are classed as hazardous goods or dangerous goods.
11 Apr 2011
Need a parcel delivered to Australia? With such a long distance for the parcel to go; prices can vary dramatically from courier to courier.
07 Apr 2011
A huge shipper of parcels, The Red Cross is a great example of an organisation sending thousands of parcels over the course of a year.
04 Apr 2011
One of the most important parts of sending a parcel to another country, is making sure your delivery complies with all of the country's customs laws.
01 Apr 2011
These days thousands of parcels are sent every day as a result of eBay purchases; who knew it would have such an impact on parcel delivery companies.
30 Mar 2011
With companies like Amazon and eBay having taken off in recent years, parcel deliveries are an every day essential service.
28 Mar 2011
The development of rapid last minute delivery systems for stock and for production and also for specialty orders that may be required anywhere in the World have demanded a system where there is a need to know where a parcel is at any particular moment.
25 Mar 2011
Please read the latest update on DHL Express services in Japan,
08 Mar 2011
Do your part: Make sure your parcels are safely and securely packed.
04 Mar 2011
Need to send a parcel to the continent? Take a look at our great prices.
28 Feb 2011
Track your parcel with our easy step by step guide.
25 Feb 2011
Tracking your parcel is easy, see your parcel delivery in full, from start to finish.
24 Feb 2011
How to track your parcels being sent by DHL UK
23 Feb 2011
When it comes to packing parcels you may be tempted to just grab the first cardboard box that comes to hand.
22 Feb 2011
Our tips for making sure your parcel is packaged safely and correctly.
21 Feb 2011
If your company regularly buys in goods from abroad then you need to be aware of a lot of the regulations that cover the import of certain goods
15 Feb 2011
If your business started out as a very small company say five years back, you may have just been shipping a few parcels a week to companies local to you and as such you most likely chose a local parcel courier.
14 Feb 2011
Do you occasionally send parcels abroad from work or from home? Perhaps you sell on eBay and get the occasional foreign bidder?
09 Feb 2011
When it comes to parcel delivery, ensuring your packaging is suitable is just as vital as the delivery itself.
07 Feb 2011
Getting your product made and ready to ship to your customer is often the main thing you focus on. However if you fail to organize your parcel deliveries properly all your best efforts in trying to keep your customer happy can be to no avail.
28 Jan 2011
Some advice to ensure your parcel arrives safe and sound every time.
25 Jan 2011
Advice for visiting a foreign country and needing to send a parcel back home.
24 Jan 2011
If you regularly ship parcels all over the World of various different types of goods then it is important that you know the guidelines for each of the countries your parcel passes through.
06 Dec 2010
When you need packages sent, there is an easy and fast way to do it. Using the Internet, you can get your packages picked up and delivered right from home.
02 Dec 2010
If you have a package which you need to send overseas and want it to arrive as intended – safe and secure – here are five tips to help you make sure it arrives to its intended destination.
30 Nov 2010
One thing you should take care of is to read the company's instructions regarding packaging and shipment.
29 Nov 2010
When sending a parcel, there are things that should be considered and other things that should be avoided.
26 Nov 2010
The days when people had little choice on who they used to send a parcel either nationally or internationally have long gone. So how do you choose a reliable delivery company?
23 Jul 2010
It's now easier to book parcel delivery with Worldwide Parcel Services than ever before
Door-to-Door or Drop Off services available
We are the only site that offers £100 free cover on all parcels!
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