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5 stars

All good!

All good!! The parcel arrived on time in China. Very quick! Thank you.

Help and Advice When Shipping to China

How long will my parcel take to arrive?
Anywhere between 2 - 5 days depending on your chosen service and the area of China your parcel is destined for.

What is the quickest service for Parcels to China?
We are able to arrange a courier service to deliver a parcel in 2-3 days   

How many services deliver to China?

Currently, we have 3 from UPS, DHL and WPS   

Can I send my parcel to family in China?

Yes you can. Please ensure that you provide the recipient's name, address, postcode and phone number. 

Am I able to track my parcel to China?

We do offer a free tracking service which is located at the top of the page. All you need to do is keep your invoice reference number and you will be able to track your parcel in real time.

Do I need a commercial/pro-forma invoice when sending a parcel to China?
All shipments outside the European Union require commercial or pro-forma invoices regardless as to whether the shipment is for business or private/personal purposes.

Who pays the custom fees for my parcel?

When applicable, customs charges are usually paid by the parcel recipient. However in the event that the item is delivered without the recipient paying and the charge is billed to us, you will be liable for the charges.  

How much baby milk can I send?

You cannot send baby milk/powder to China using our services.

What is a regular shipper?
Regular shippers receive exclusive discounts on parcel deliveries.You can become a regular shipper by sending 4 or more parcels in a month using one of our services.

Prices for parcels to China

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Popular Cities in China we ship to

We ship to all areas of China, and the following are the most popular cities to which we send parcels...

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Parcel to China

Parcel to China

As one of the oldest civilizations in history, China is one the world superpowers and is firmly at the forefront of cutting edge technology and advancements. In 2014 China became the world’s largest economy in the world and surpassed America with its vast amount of trade. China is famous for being the largest exporter in the world but many forget that it is also the world’s second largest importer. Shipments to China are particularly strict and it is important to be aware of all the rules and regulations when exporting to China. One of the most common exports to China is baby milk

Whether you’re sending a parcel to Beijing or having a package sent to Shanghai, sending a parcel abroad can be a confusing and difficult process. One of the best ways to send a parcel to China is to use a discount courier service. WPS can have a parcel delivered to China in 2-3 days, with prices starting from £9.95.

Worldwide Parcel Services only offer parcel delivery services from trusted couriers. We are able to offer services from some of the biggest companies including DHL. If you need to send a heavy parcel, we can deliver packages that weigh up to 500kg. 

For customers seeking a parcel to Taiwan, please see our Taiwan page.

Customs & Duty When Shipping to China

Before sending a parcel to China, customers should be aware of the restrictions and prohibited items you can send. For general information and guidance of restrictions that are placed on parcels, you can view our guide here.

Here are some items which restricted:

  • Weapons
  • Ammunition
  • Coins
  • Currency notes
  • Printed matter
  • Films
  • Photographs
  • Poisons
  • Drugs
  • Animals or plants
  • Medicines

Baby Milk has become a big scandal in the country, and there are restrictions on the amount you can ship. Please see our article here regarding restrictions when sending the product.

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