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TrustPilot 5 stars 9.0 from 1,635 reviews "Amazing service AND amazing prices! WPS certainly delivers!"

Send a parcel to Japan from only £29.56

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Reviews Reviews for parcels to Japan

4 stars
Romans Birzgalis

With all honesty

With all honesty. From UK to Japan, from door to door in 3 days, faster than Santa Clauss! Thank you, just only one thing to make it 5 stars and I know that’s possible. Someone should answer emails if no pick up or delivery on time for agreed date. That’s all. Will definitely use it again.
5 stars

Excellent service

From my experience the service provided has been fantastic. The parcel was collected at the time stated. The website is easy to get around where every stage of the journey can be tracked. When I telephoned the contact number with a query the phone was answered quickly and staff were very helpful. The parcel arrived in Japan safely but I saw from the web site it had been held up due to an 'unavoidable delay'. I sent an e-mail and received an answer within hours telling me there was an issue with the phone number I had given. The member of staff I was in contact with could not have been more helpful. She quickly answered every e-mail I sent and gave me the tracking number in Japan for my son to use. When my son was able to provide an alternative contact number she forwarded this to the office in Japan for him. I would definitely use this firm again. SJ

Help And Advice When Shipping To Japan

Can I deliver big items to Japan?
Yes, no restrictions, as long as they are under 500kg

What cities can I send my parcel to?
Any, we deliver to every corner of Japan. 

How long does it take to delivery my parcel to Japan?
This depends on the type of delivery service. The cheapest option takes between 2 - 5 days, but the quickest option can have you parcel delivered in just 2 days for £38.25. 

Can I ship meat to Japan?
The only way you can ship meat to japan is upon a grant of an inspection certificate.

Are medicines prohibited?

Yes, narcotics and other pharmaceuticals are also prohibited without any permission from specialist authority.

How many delivery services are there to Japan?

There are currently 4 different delivery options that are available

What is the quickest delivery time for Japan?

Currently we have two express services that can deliver parcels 2-3 days.

Can I track my parcel to Japan?
Yes we offer free tracking services, as long as you have the parcel invoice number you can use our parcel tracker tool that was located at the top of page.

Do regular shippers to Japan get discount?
Yes, you can receive an exclusive discount when you send 4 or more parcels in a month using one of our parcel delivery services. 

Can I send awkward items such as car parts to Japan?
Yes we can send a parcel regardless of the shape or size of the item so long as it weighs between 1kg - 500kg. 

Prices for parcels to Japan

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Popular Cities in Japan we ship to

We ship to all areas of Japan, and the following are the most popular cities to which we send parcels...

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Parcel To Japan

Parcel to Japan

The “Land Of The Rising Sun” is home to some of the most recognisable cultural icons in the world. From state of the art video gaming from Nintendo and Capcom - to sushi and even Godzilla. It is easy to see why exports from Japan is increasing every year. This also makes Japan the world’s fifth-largest importer. 

Whether you are sending a parcel to Japan for business purposes in Tokyo or sending family gifts in Yokohama it can sometimes seem like a daunting prospect. One of the best ways to send a parcel is to use a parcel courier. At WPS we can deliver a parcel in 2-3 days, with prices just starting from £30.25. 

Worldwide Parcel Services only use recognised and trusted courier services. This is so we can guarantee that you are getting the best possible service at a great price. We have a variety of different parcel delivery services including DHL services. We are unique as a parcel delivery service as we are able to handle parcels that weigh up to 500kg, regardless of the parcels shape or size.

Customs & Duty When Sending To Japan

When it comes to sending a parcel to Japan it is important you see our prohibited and restricted items page for more information before sending.

Some of the prohibited items in Japan are:

  • Animals
  • Weapons
  • Plants
  • Milk
  • Coins
  • Drugs
  • Medicines
  • Films

For more information outside of Worldwide Parcel Services to understand Japanese Customers authority, please use this guide here.

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