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Terms and Conditions of use for Worldwide Parcel Services Ltd

By using this website you agree to be bound to terms and conditions below:

1 Definitions

1.1 “Carrier” – the company chosen by you at the time of ordering, or their subcontractor, via our automated booking system to collect and deliver the Consignment

1.2 “Claims” - all demands, claims, proceedings, penalties, fines and liability (whether criminal or civil)

1.3 “Consignment” – the items sent in a parcel or multiple parcels, through our service to a single address

1.4 “Consignment Note/Airway Bill” – The documentation associated with the Consignment you are sending which contains the tracking number and acts as you Proof of Collection.

1.5 "Weight" - this is the greater of the actual or the volumetric weight. Volumetric weight is calculated as follows;

for Export by Air and UK shipments, and all UPS shipments, L x W x H cm divided by 5000 = weight in kilos chargeable.

for European Road shipments L x W x H cm divides by 5000 = weight in kilos chargeable.

1.6 “Losses” - all losses including without financial limitation financial losses, damages, legal costs and other expenses of any nature.

1.7 “Proof of Delivery” – The receipt provided upon the Consignment reaching the delivery address

1.8 “Working Day” – Monday to Friday from 9am to 5:30pm within the UK excluding public and bank holidays. Please check the working hours for any international address you intend to ship to.

1.81 "Estimated delivery times" - transit time to delivery, does not include day of collection or weekends/bank holidays, or customs clearance and is not guaranteed. Drop off service parcels are not collected from drop off points on Saturday or Sundays or bank holidays. At Christmas estimated delivery times will not apply and deliveries may take longer. Generally, the couriers usually state that parcels sent after 16th December may not arrive in time for Christmas, although our experience is that parcels collected by the 18/19th December usually do to most destinations. This of course is also affected by what day of the week Christmas Day falls on.

1.9 “WPS Ltd” – Worldwide Parcel Services Limited

2 WPS Ltd Obligations

2.1 To arrange with the chosen Carrier for collection and delivery of the Consignment to and from the addresses provided using whatever means of transport suitable for the Consignment to reach its destination subject to the provisions of these terms and conditions. Please note that bookings can only be accepted from an EU resident with an EU registered credit or debit card using an EU registered IP address. Paypal is also accepted. We may insist on payment by BACS in some circumstances.

2.2 In the event that the Consignment cannot be delivered WPS Ltd will attempt redelivery. The number of attempts made to deliver the Consignment is dependent upon the service booked. After the requisite number of attempts have been made, no further attempts will be made free of charge as the attempts already made fulfil the obligations of WPS Ltd. The consignment will then be returned at the standard WPS Ltd import charge for which the customer is liable, or disposed of. Customs duties may still apply.

2.3 Proof of Delivery may be available for 3 months from the date of delivery and will be sent in an electronic form. If a hard copy is required a charge of £10.00 ex vat will be made.

2.4 WPS Ltd will NOT be liable for any consequential loss whatsoever, including but not restricted to loss of earnings, phone calls, time spent, deadlines missed, etc., caused by failure to collect a shipment, late delivery of a shipment, customs issues or loss/damage of a shipment. WPS Ltd liability extends only to that of the value of the goods, limited to the lower of the actual value of the goods or level of claims cover purchased (subject to terms and conditions).

2.5 Our charges are for carriage only and never include import/export customs charges, vat or tax of any kind.

2.6 WPS Ltd reserve the right to refuse to collect any consignment without giving a reason. A full refund will be given.

2.7 WPS Ltd reserve the right to hold ANY payment made, whether by credit/debit card, Paypal or points, or any items held, if the customer has any outstanding monies owed to WPS Ltd, whether that be for under-declaring the shipment, or for duties owed.

2.8 WPS Ltd reserve the right to deliver the parcel to any person in the delivery premises or with a neighbour if the receiver is out. For certain addresses in the USA, UPS will leave parcels without a signature.

3 Customer’s Obligations

3.1 To provide the full address together with a contact name and local international telephone number for each collection and delivery address. Consignments cannot be delivered to a PO Box or BFPO address or any other Military address. No refund will be given in the event a consignment is returned due to an insufficient address or telephone number being provided. In the event that a package cannot be delivered, the customer is liable for the cost of the return at the import carriage fee plus £20 administration fee. If the parcel is required to then be shipped out again, you will have to pay again. Duties may still apply.

3.2 To check that WPS Ltd are able to collect from or deliver to the required address and provide any access security codes where applicable. Drivers are only required to collect from the nearest entrance point in a building.

3.3 To comply with the requirements of any country that the Consignment is being collected from or delivered to with regard to that country's customs rules and also whether there are particular restrictions on specific items to that country. We cannot assist with specific requirements for a particular country but our "restricted and prohibited items list" has general advice.

3.4 To ensure that you make the recipient aware that they must pay any duties levied. In the event that they do not pay, you will be liable for any such costs. If you do not pay these costs by the deadline we give you we will instruct the couriers to destroy the goods. You can make no claim against WPS Ltd for the loss in this instance.

3.5 Not to place any prohibited item within a Consignment. Please see our Prohibited/Restricted items section for more information. Sending a prohibited item may result in prosecution under the terms of the Aviation and Maritime security act 1990. Your entire shipment can be disposed of even if there is only one prohibited/restricted item in the consignment. You cannot claim for loss or damage in this event.

3.6 To be responsible for the tracking of the Consignment. Tracking is available through this website or by emailing your tracking number to our tracking team at You will find the tracking number located on the Consignment Note/Airway Bill for your shipments. Please use your WPS invoice number for tracking on all other parcels. If your parcel is returned you will be liable for the return cost and any forward shipping.

3.7 To ensure the Consignment is of the size and weight as declared when using our automated booking system. If the size or weight is under-declared, you will be invoiced the difference in the price quoted on our website or calculated by us if the parcel exceeds our booking criteria, plus a £10.00 under-declaration surcharge per parcel under-declared. If you do not pay the under-declared amount plus the £10 surcharge within 7 days the under-declaration surcharge will be increased to £50. If you exceed the maximum weight and/or dimensions allowed by UPS, i.e., over 70 kilos or over 400cm girth (Girth= L + ((W + H) x 2) there is a minimum additional charge of £500.00 per item. By shipping with us, you are accepting that DHL, UPS and DPD's weighing and sizing equipment is accurate, and that the size/weight charged by them is correct, and that you will pay any additional amount due within 7 days. Legal action may be taken for recovery of monies owed after 7 days. If we have to to Court to recover the charges owed, we reserve the right to charge the couriers full non-discounted tariff rate for the shipment, not our discounted rates. If you have a points account we reserve the right to deduct the amount owed from the points account without prior notice. If you do not pay you will be added to our internal "Blacklist". Any future job you book with us will not generate a collection and we will contact you to offer you the chance to settle the outstanding amount that caused you to be blacklisted. If you pay, the new shipment will then be refunded in full or allowed to go ahead. If you do not pay we will deduct the outstanding amount from the new shipment and refund you any difference and cancel the shipment.

No compensation will be paid in the event of a claim if a parcel is under-declared by size or weight. In the unlikely event that we agree to put a claim in for you only the item will be compensated, there will be no refund of carriage. Some shipments come via our warehouse for paperwork and check weighing/sizing, and we reserve the right to hold your shipment until the additional payment is made. If you do not wish to pay the additional amount, we will return the shipment to you but you will have to cover the costs incurred in the original collection, plus the cost of return plus £20.00 admin fee. If you do not pay the additional amount due for onward shipment or for return within 7 days we will dispose of your goods. No refund or compensation will be given and the original debt still stands.

Please note that changing the weight or size shown on the labels we send you is prohibited. To change these sizes is fraud and legal action may be taken.

3.7.1 Items 70 kilos and over must be palletised. Our site quotes based on your pallet being stackable. You can deselect this and the site will quote you the non-stackable price which is £245.00 excluding vat extra. To be considered stackable it must be both able to be stacked on top of another pallet and have a pallet stacked on top of it. Also, if your pallet has "fragile", "glass", "this way up", or symbols indicating any of these the courier will deem your pallet non-stackable. If the courier deems your pallet non-stackable and you have only paid based on the stackable price you are agreeing to pay this additional cost. After you have been informed of this additional cost, you have 7 days to pay. After this a £50 admin fee will be added to the £245.00 non-stackable surcharge.

If you palletise an item that does not exceed 70kilos, you must notify us as you may be liable for a non-stackable surcharge.

3.7.2 For WPS Euro Economy, WPS air Express, DPD, UPS and DHL It Now shipments you must only use the labels we send you. You must not under any circumstances use a manual AWB supplied by the driver. Doing so will result in you incurring SUBSTANTIAL additional costs for which you are liable. Using a Manual AWB also voids any additional cover taken. If your consignment has not been delivered and we cannot obtain payment of monies owed from you within 7 days we reserve the right to instruct the couriers to dispose of your parcels to mitigate our loss by avoiding storage and/or return costs.

3.8 To complete and attach 4 copies of commercial/proforma invoices to all shipments for delivery outside the UK as instructed on the PDF invoice you are emailed at time of booking. Failure to provide commercial invoices, or fewer copies than requested may result in delays in delivery and a £10.00 admin charge. The exception is paperless trade shipments, these have "C-PLT" on the AWB label as these are sent electronically. Also, all DPD shipments to the EU are paperless trade.We reserve the right to dispose of any items held awaiting commercial/proforma invoices after 7 days. No refund or compensation will be given.

 3.9 To ensure the contents of the Consignment are the same as the contents declared when using our automated booking system. Items should be listed with highest value items listed first.  Claims on items that are not listed or where the description on the booking differs from the item being claimed for may be deemed void. No claims will be paid for items described as gift, present, box, etc.,.

3.10 To ensure that your items are sufficiently packaged to withstand the rigors of road and air transportation, i.e., bubble-wrapped, placed in a strong cardboard box, items should not be able to move within the box, taped up using good quality packing tape, etc. Used / second hand boxes are not recommended as they have no strength. Claims will not be entertained if such boxes are used. Please note that the maximum weight the driver will take is 30kg unassisted - if your parcel is heavier than this weight you must have someone at the collection address to assist the driver with loading onto the vehicle. Parcels 70 kilos and over must be palletised.

3.11 To check our prohibited/restricted items list before selecting claims cover and booking.

3.12 To ensure that commercial invoices are correctly completed and supplied where applicable, and that the values of the items stated are true. Undervaluing items to reduce duties can cause delays and additional costs, and will reduce the level of claims cover applicable, see point 6.2.1.

3.13 To ensure that you book documents on the document service. If we have to change the labels because you booked as a parcel in error there will be a £12 admin charge. If your documents are shipped as a parcel they will attract customs fees for which the recipient or you are liable. We are not responsible for any costs incurred by you booking the wrong service.

3.14 If any shipment is sent through our accounts without being booked through our website you will be charged the full tariff price plus £20.00 admin fee per shipment. You may also be prosecuted for fraud.

3.15 Points system - We give you £5.00 for every £100 of points you pre-pay (£6 to "Platinum customers" if purchasing a minimum of £300 pre-pay). Pre-pay bonus amounts can only be used for purchasing additional shipments and cannot be encashed. You must not purchase pre-pay via an Affiliate site. If you do we will decline to pay the affiliate commission.

3.16 "[email protected]" - If you come to our site through this link 1% (2% until Xmas 2023) of your invoice total is added to your WPS credit account to be used to purchase future shipments only and cannot be encashed.

3.17 To be courteous to our staff if problems arise. They will be courteous to you and will do their utmost to resolve any problems that occur.

4 Collection & Delivery

4.1 Collection or delivery times are not guaranteed.

4.2 Collection and Delivery can only take place on a Working Day unless otherwise stated at the time of booking. WPS Ltd cannot contact the Carrier to ascertain the time of collection or delivery. Drop off parcels can be dropped to the drop off points on any day but are not collected on Saturdays, Sundays or bank holidays.

4.3 An emailed booking label or airway bill will be sent to the email address provided when booking. In the event that the booking reference/airway bill is not received within 1 hour of making the booking you must notify us accordingly so that the Consignment can be re-booked.  Failed bookings will not automatically roll over to the next day.

4.3.1 For WPS Euro Economy, WPS Air Express, DHL It Now, UPS and DPD shipments you must only use the labels we send you. You must not under any circumstances use a manual AWB supplied by the driver. Doing so will result in you incurring substantial additional charges for which you are liable. Using a manual AWB voids any additional cover taken.

4.4 In the event that your parcel is not collected, a full refund of carriage will be given as it will be deemed that no collection has taken place. Claims can only be made on parcels where customers have used the pre-paid labels provided to them by WPS Ltd.

4.5 Consignments collected from or delivered to certain remote areas of the UK or International addresses may be subject to a delay of 24 - 48 hours and/or be excluded from the usual door to door service WPS Ltd provides. Please note that collections from Northern Ireland may be subject to an additional day in transit.

4.6 Please ensure that you are present at the collection address on the day you have chosen collection to be made. It is assumed that if you book a parcel weighing more than 30 kilos you will assist the driver in carrying the parcel to their vehicle if required. The same applies at the delivery point. A surcharge of £10.00 inc Vat will be applied in the event that the Carrier is unable to collect the Consignment.

4.7 Collection and Delivery will be made by the Carrier chosen at the time of booking. Please ensure the correct Consignment is provided to the correct Carrier when booking multiple Consignments as any errors could result in additional costs being charged.

4.8 In the unlikely event that the Carrier fails to collect the consignment you must notify us by 9.30am the next Working Day by email to WPS Ltd will then re-book the collection on another Working Day. Please see our Refund Policy.

4.9 In the unlikely event that customs open your item and in doing so cause damage/contamination of your goods no claim can be made against us as Customs are outside of our control.

4.9.1 If you choose to email us your parcel details for us to manually book your shipment, when said parcel could be booked directly on our website, a £10.00 ex vat booking charge will be added to the cost of the shipment.

5 Prohibited/Restricted items

5.1 WPS Ltd or the Carrier shall not be obliged to accept or transport any item contained in our Prohibited/Restricted section. .

5.2 The Prohibited/Restricted item list is subject to change without notice.

5.3 Any prohibited or restricted item sent through our services may result in non-collection, non-delivery, delay, return, or the Consignment being destroyed. No refund shall be applicable.

5.4 Restricted or Prohibited items sent through our services will be sent at your own risk and without any claims cover. If any claims cover is purchased for restricted/prohibited items via our automated booking service no refunds shall be given and no claim can be made.

5.5 In the event of damage to a prohibited or restricted item the Consignment may be destroyed. No refund will be given.

5.6 It is forbidden to attempt to use our services for the transportation of any hazardous or dangerous items. Failure to declare hazardous or dangerous items can lead to prosecution with an unlimited fine and/or imprisonment. Do not use any old boxes or containers previously used for the transportation of any hazardous or dangerous items, as this could result in your consignment being delayed, returned, or destroyed. No refund or compensation would be entertained in this instance.

6 Additional Cover and Claims

6.0 In respect of all claims WPS will usually abide by the decision of the relevant carrier but the final decision will remain with us. We will always do our best to get the best outcome we can for our customers.

6.1 WPS Ltd provides inclusive claims cover of up to £100 as part of the basic parcel price.

6.2 Additional cover can be purchased at the time of booking subject to a maximum of £2,000.00. For amounts exceeding this please email us as we may be able to arrange cover for you.

If claims cover is selected in excess of the maximum allowed for that type of item, as shown in the restricted and prohibited items list, our maximum liability will be that shown on said list. We will refund the difference in claims cover charges if requested (within 28 days of booking). If you select claims cover for an item on the restricted and prohibited items list, or for a higher amount than is allowed on the list, this does not mean that WPS have entered into a contract to that level of cover, even if we have not refunded the claims cover payment.

6.2.1 In the event of a claim for shipments outside the UK where claims cover has been taken, WPS Ltd will pay the lower of the actual value of the item or the declared value for customs purposes as shown on the Commercial invoice that accompanies the parcel.

6.2.2 If a repair is possible on a damaged item, and the repair cost is lower than the replacement cost, we will pay the repair cost (as long as the value of the item is not more than the the additional cover taken, in which case the relevant proportion of the repair will be paid (See 6.5.8). This applies even if the item is new.

6.2.3 In the event of a claim for part loss or part damage to a consignment, the carriage charge will not be refunded.  Part loss claims are processed the same as damage claims. WPS must be notified in writing of the lost/damaged items within 14 days of the parcel's collection date.  See damage claims. 

6.3 No claim can be made for any Consignments that contains prohibited or restricted items, or that are insufficiently packaged. Items confiscated by customs will not be compensated for whatsoever. Items must be in a strong cardboard box and well packed with sufficient padding using bubble-wrap, polystyrene chippings, etc, and securely taped using good quality packaging tape. Items must not be able to move within the box. Items must not be strapped together. We will not process a claim if you raise a Paypal dispute, as this will be deemed as non-payment for the shipping and any void claims cover.

6.3.1 No claim can be made for an item not specifically listed at time of booking, i.e., if you put "clothes" as a description when booking and then say that there is a laptop missing or damaged, the claim will immediately be rejected.

6.3.2 No claim can be made for items damaged/contaminated by Customs opening packages as Customs are outside WPS control.

6.4 All Consignments must be able to withstand a small drop and packaged in a manner that would sustain the rigours of road and air transportation. Any claim will be declined where the contents of a Consignment have been damaged, but the external packaging remains intact on the basis that the internal packaging did not provide sufficient protection to the item, or if no damage is visible on the item itself. If you are shipping a suitcase or item(s) in a case, trunk, plastic box etc. unless it is itself packaged appropriately, it will deemed that this is the packaging for its contents and no compensation will be given for damage to the suitcase / case. 

6.4.1. You must use the labels we email you to ship your parcels. Using a Manual AWB voids any additional cover taken.

6.5 When claiming for damaged items please ensure the following:

6.5.1 You  must make your claim by email to Worldwide Parcel Services and supply all the items listed in points 6.5.5 and 6.5.6, within 14 days of the date of collection for DHL collections, 10 days from the date of collection for all DPD parcels and within 3 days of the collection date for APC collections.

6.5.2 all internal and external packaging is retained for inspection at the delivery address for seven working days from the collection date.

6.5.3 the items are not removed from the packaging

6.5.4 the items are not repaired or attempted to be repaired

6.5.5 photographs of the damaged item and all of the packaging are provided at the start of any claim.

6.5.6 a copy of the purchase order invoice/receipt/proof of value is provided at the start of any claim or a repair quote on headed paper from a reputable repair company if a repair is possible.  Claims may be rejected if no cost receipts are available as proof of ownership.

6.5.7 the recipient must check the condition of the Consignment and sign for the Consignment as damaged. If in the event it is not possible to check the condition of the Consignment the recipient must sign for the Consignment as unchecked. Any claim will be declined if neither of these statements have been provided.

6.5.8 Claims are paid out based on assessing the value of the item in relation to the whole shipment and cover taken, For example; If you take out £1000 cover on a box with 5 items and one item is worth £1000 and is damaged and the other 4 are worth £125 each and are OK, you can only claim £666 for the item (£1000 cover divided by £1500 total value x 1000 item value = £666). Had you taken out £1500 cover you could have claimed £1000 for the damaged item. Again, if you send 2 laptops worth £500 each and one is damaged and you have only taken out £500 cover for the shipment you will only receive £250.If you send an item valued at £10,000 with £2000 cover, £2000 is the maximum we would pay out. If you send an item worth £10,000, purchase £2000 of cover and it suffers damage which cost £1000 to repair, we will only pay £200 of that repair as this represents the percentage of the under covering of the item, i.e., 20% (In Insurance this is referred to as the "condition of average"). If in doubt please contact us. If cover in excess of £2000 is required please contact us as we may be able to help.

6.5.9 A claims assessor may visit to inspect your item and may also need remove the items for further examination. These inspections usually take place within 7 days of us being notified of damage.

6.6 When claiming for a lost item please ensure the following:

6.6.1 That you make your claim by email to Worldwide Parcel Services for a DHL parcel within 28 days of the date of collection or within 10 days from the date of collection for all DPD and  AMI UPS bookings.

6.6.2 a copy of the purchase order invoice/receipt is provided

6.6.3 a copy if the Consignment Note/Airway Bill is provided

6.7 Failure to comply with either clause 6.5.5 or 6.5.6 will result in any claim being declined.

6.8 A lost claim cannot proceed until such time as the Carrier shall deem the Consignment lost.

6.9 A claim can only be made by the person who paid for the parcel. Any settlement will only be paid to this person.

6.10 Consignments should be sent individually and not attached together. Any claim for a lost Consignment sent in this way shall be declined.

General claims

6.11 Consignments that have not declared their entire contents or provided the correct size or weight of the Consignment shall invalidate any claim.

6.12 All claims should be directed straight to WPS Ltd. Any attempt to contact the Carrier directly in respect of any claim will invalidate your cover. A claim will only commence on the day that WPS are notified by email.

6.13 If you have failed to adhere to any of these terms and conditions your claim will be invalidated and your claim declined.

6.14 The use of any old boxes or containers previously used for the transportation of any hazardous or dangerous items will invalidate any cover as these will be destroyed.

6.15 The amount of the claims cover is divided equally between all of the parcels in the consignment, i.e., if you have £500.00 claims cover for a consignment of 4 parcels, each parcel has a maximum cover of £125.00. (Subject to a maximum allowance).  To allocate a specific cover amount to an item it is best to pack it separately and book with the required amount.

6.16 The amount of carriage refund will be calculated as the price quotable on the website for the same service type for that size of parcel, less any discounts used by the customer on the original shipment. i.e., if you send 2 parcels one 5 kilos and one 10 kilos, and the 5 kilo package is lost, you will be refunded the amount to re-ship a 5 kilo parcel using our services.

6.17 We, and the carriers we use, reserve the right to re-package items where necessary. No claim can be made due to parcels arriving in different packaging unless the items are damaged (in which case the usual claims procedure must be followed). See point 6.3.1  if packages have been opened by Customs.

6.18 We reserve the right to dispose of damaged items containing broken glass, sharp edges or liquids, as to ship them on could pose a Health and Safety issue.

6.19 Any successful claim will be paid either by BACS or Paypal, in GBP only. Once paid, the damaged item becomes our property (unless payout is for a repair). Should a lost item be found after a claim is made the customer will have the choice to re-pay the original claim payment back for its return or it will be deemed our property.

7 Refunds

7.1 Refunds are subject to our Refunds Policy and the following conditions are to be read in conjunction with the same.

7.2 No refunds shall be given in the event that any of these terms and conditions have not been adhered to.

7.3 No refunds shall be given in respect of any prohibited or restricted items sent through our services.

7.4 No refunds shall be given for any Consignments deemed to be insufficiently packaged

7.5 Consignments destroyed as a result of using old boxes or containers previously used for the transportation of any hazardous or dangerous items will not be eligible for refund, nor will parcels delayed, destroyed or confiscated by customs.

7.6 Any services booked can be cancelled and refunded up until the time the Consignment is collected and shall be confirmed by email. If no email is received please contact us by telephone on 020 8310 1362. In the event that the Carrier has arrived to collect the Consignment and you wish to cancel the service, no refund will be given.

7.7 Refunds are normally processed with 30 days and are payable either by cheque, BACS or Paypal, in GBP only.

7.71 We reserve the right to refund Paypal payments less the Paypal fee we are charged, as Paypal no longer refund this.

7.8 Refunds will not be given for any consignment if you have outstanding payments due to us for that or any other shipment.

7.9 Refund of points purchased. When buying points on our system we give you £5 for every £100 of points you buy. If you decide to stop using our service for any reason your points balance will be refunded to you less £5 for every £100 or part thereof on your account, i.e., £50 left on your account will result in a £45 refund, £135 on your account will result in a £125 refund, etc.,.

8 Indemnity

You shall indemnify in full WPS Ltd, the Carrier, their respective employees, agent or sub contractor against all Claims and Losses arising from loss, damage, liability, injury to persons or third party losses by reason of or arising out of the possession or transportation of the Consignment.

9 Lien

WPS Ltd and/or the Carrier shall have a general lien on any of your Consignments in their possession to secure payment in respect of any Claims or Losses arising out of the possession or transportation of any Consignment you have used our services for. If in a reasonable time any such lien is not satisfied WPS Ltd or the Carrier may in its absolute discretion sell all or part of the Consignment as your agent and apply the proceeds towards the money due and the expenses of retention and sale of the Consignment and shall on accounting to you any surplus be discharged from all liability in respect of the Consignment.

10 Customs

A customs invoice (commercial or pro-forma) must be completed for ALL countries outside the UK. Commercial invoices are also required for the Channel Islands. You will be guided on-line to complete this. You will either be sent one to print 4 copies or if it is sent electronically you will not need to print. You will be advised on your invoice instructions.

Customs can delay shipments until they contact recipients and clearance and payments are made. They can also seize or refuse entry of shipments. Any delays caused by their actions are outside our control and no refund or discount will be given.

Unaccompanied baggage may be subject to clearance charges in Australia and New Zealand of around 150 Australian/New Zealand dollars.

For parcels coming via our warehouse we will hold parcels for up to 28 days. If commercial/pro-forma invoices are not supplied within this time frame we will dispose of your parcel as we see fit. No refund or compensation will be given. For parcels shipped directly with the couriers, they will require any missing paperwork within 3 days, after which they will return at your cost, or destroy the item. Again, no refund or compensation will be given. 

11 Customs Clearance

When using our services, your payment is for the transportation of your Consignment only. Your shipment will usually attract customs duties or taxes if being shipped from outside the UK in or from the UK out ( since Brexit this includes shipments to EU countries) and you are liable for these charges if the recipient does not pay. Usually the Consignment is held until these are paid, but if delivered and we later receives these charges, you will remain liable for these charges as set out in clause 8 plus an additional 10% administration fee (minimum charge £10.00 ex vat).

For advice on customs charges, you can call H.M. Customs advice line on 0845 010 9000.

11.1 Customs charges

When we pay customs charges for you we will charge a 10% admin fee (minimum charge £10.00) per shipment.

12 Surcharges

When using our services you are charged the greater of the actual or volumetric weight, based on the sizes and weights you have supplied. If the consignment is heavier or larger than the weight and dimensions you declared at point of order, the additional weight charges will be applied plus a £30.00 plus vat administration fee. Also, insurance will be invalidated in the event of a claim, if the size or weight has been under-declared. A full list of surcharges can be found in our parcel surcharge section.

13 Liability

13.1 Subject to a successful insurance claim we shall be liable for loss or damage to a Consignment up to a maximum of £100.00 (subject to terms) unless enhanced cover has been taken where the maximum shall be in accordance with the cover allowed.

13.2 We shall not be liable for any loss or damage to a Consignment or any delay in collection or delivery if caused as a result of the following:

13.2.1 acts of God

13.2.2 war or hostile military action, rebellion, riot, civil commotion or terrorism

13.2.3 orders of any government, customs, public or local authority

13.2.4 strike, lockout or other industrial action

13.2.5 inadequate packaging or labelling

13.2.6 any act or matter occurring prior to collection or subsequent to the delivery of the Consignment

13.3 We shall not in any event be liable for any consequential loss.

13.4 Nothing in this agreement shall be deemed to limit or exclude our liability for fraud, death or personal injury caused by our negligence to the extent otherwise not permitted by law.

13.5 We shall not be held responsible (directly or indirectly) for any (but not limited to) damage, injury (personal or otherwise), loss of business, profit, goodwill or reputation arising from this agreement or the use of our services.

14 Carrier

WPS Ltd operate under the terms of the Carrier they use and all our services remain subject to them. In the event of a conflict between our terms and conditions and those of our Carrier, the Carrier’s terms and conditions shall prevail.

15 Severance

If any part of these terms and conditions is found to be unenforceable as a matter of law, the then such term or condition shall be severed and the remaining terms and conditions shall survive and remain in full force and effect and continue to be binding and enforceable.

16 Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales and you hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

17 Third Party Rights

These terms and conditions are in addition to your statutory rights, which remains unaffected. The contracts (rights of third parties) act 1999 shall not apply to this agreement.

18 Complaints

We endeavour to provide excellent customer service, but in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any aspect of our service, please put your complaint in writing, addressed to the Customer Services Manager. We will respond in writing within 14 days.

Trustpilot reviews.

Feel free to post reviews good or bad about our service on Trustpilot.

The vast majority of our shipments are carried out without incident and the service you receive will be excellent. However, as with all courier services there will be exceptions and we would respectfully ask that you keep things in perspective. If you have had an issue with any aspect of the shipping process with us please contact us first to see if we can resolve the matter satisfactorily before posting a review.

You cannot post a review on Trustpilot unless your parcel has been collected by us. If collection is not made and you are refunded you cannot post a review.

You must put your invoice number in the post you make so that we can check the review is genuine.

If you ship an item that is on our prohibited/restricted item list, i.e, glass, perfume, etc, that is subsequently damaged for which you cannot have cover or has limited cover, you cannot post a review complaining that you have not received compensation or refund.

If the review you are posting is a "bad" review please be specific and refer to your particular shipment issue. Your posting should say "I received poor service because..", not "their service is poor because..." as you can only comment about your specific experience.

Reviews must not contain profanity of any kind or be personally offensive or threatening to any WPS staff.

Any review not conforming to the above will be removed.


Any person, or persons, who do not agree to these terms and conditions, should refrain from using our website and services immediately.

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